season 3

➕Student or Graduate, Architect or Artist, Philologist or Philosopher, or simply passionate about film, architecture and illustration, you are welcome to the SF(a)3 workshop.
✖️architecture, cinematography and illustration workshop
with Nely Vînău [moviebuff] Tiberiu Teodor-Stanciu [graphic design guru] & Răzvan Nica [some kind of architect] and guests Dan Perjovschi, Dana Vais, Viola Ruhse, Anca Horvath, Emanuela Ilie, Matei Bejenaru, Radu Cucuteanu, Silviu Teodor- Stanciu, Cristina Tudora, Gabriel Tudora, Adrian Mironescu, Ramona Costea
➕ together
SF(a) Workshop: Society. Movie. Architecture celebrates, in all its dimensions, the idea of ​​”together”. Students, teachers, architects, designers, artists, engineers, photographers view, discover, discuss, argue, learn, work, debate, evaluate, augment and enhance together a sensitive and personal universe whose only access is film.

Registrations: June 17 and 24

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➕Organized by OAR Iași and the ALT+A Association and financed by OAR, from the Architecture Stamp

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