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➕Student or Graduate, Architect or Artist, Philologist or Philosopher, or simply passionate about film, architecture and illustration, you are welcome to the SF(a)3 workshop.
✖️architecture, cinematography and illustration workshop
with Nely Vînău [moviebuff] Tiberiu Teodor-Stanciu [graphic design guru] & Răzvan Nica [some kind of architect] and guests Dan Perjovschi, Dana Vais, Viola Ruhse, Anca Horvath, Emanuela Ilie, Matei Bejenaru, Radu Cucuteanu, Silviu Teodor- Stanciu, Cristina Tudora, Gabriel Tudora, Adrian Mironescu, Ramona Costea
➕ together
SF(a) Workshop: Society. Movie. Architecture celebrates, in all its dimensions, the idea of ​​”together”. Students, teachers, architects, designers, artists, engineers, photographers view, discover, discuss, argue, learn, work, debate, evaluate, augment and enhance together a sensitive and personal universe whose only access is film.
➕ Registrations: June 17 and 24


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➕Organized by OAR Iași and the ALT+A Association and financed by OAR, from the Architecture Stamp

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SF(a) – Society.Film. Architecture Season 2 scenes

The second season of the SF(a)-Society. Film. Architecture was divided into 5 scenes:
Scene 1 – Metropolis screaming
Scenes 2-4 – guest lectures
Scene 4. act 2 – Adobe tutorial
Final scene – Exhibition and Round table

Here’s how it went:

Scene 1_screaning
SF(a)_season2_Emanuela Ilie
Scene 1_Emanuela Ilie
SF(a)_season2_Matei Bejenaru
Scene 2_ Matei Bejenaru
SF(a)_season2_Razvan Mircea Nica Cristina Tudora
Scene 2_Răzvan Nica & Cristina Tudora
SF(a)_season2_Nely Vînău
Scene 2_Nely Vînău
SF(a)_season2_Viola Ruhse
Scene 3_Viola Ruhse
SF(a)_season2_Anca Horvath
Scene 3_Anca Horvath
SF(a)_season2_Federico Babina
Scene 3_Federico Babina
SF(a)_season2_Vlad Enculescu
Scene 4_Vlad Enculescu
SF(a)_season2_Tiberiu Teodor-Stanciu
Scene 4_Tiberiu Teodor-Stanciu
Scene 4_workshop
SF(a)_society. film. architecture season2
Final scene_Exposition & Round table

SF(a) season 2 Exposition & Round table

When: July 3rd 2023

Where: “G.M. Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture, Iași. inner courtyard


Tania Hapurne, dean of “G.M. Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture, Iași

Nely Vînău, Tiberiu Teodor-Stanciu, Răzvan Nica – SF(a) production team

Vlad Enculescu, Adrian Mironescu, Oana Stanciu – jury members

60+ students

sf(a) 2023 exposition


We thank the wonderful people at @fablabiasi for hosting our exhibition / the alternative posters done by the students of the “G.M. Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture, during the SF(a)2 workshop!

When: July 19 – August 31

Where: FABLAB Iași, 2nd floor, room 2. Rândunică no.2

sf(a) FABLAB iasi
sf(a) FABLAB iasi
sf(a) FABLAB iasi

SF(a) Society. Film. Architecture guest: Matei BEJENARU

sf(a) society. film. architecture Matei Bejenaru

Matei Bejenaru (born 1963) is an artist and founder of Periferic Biennial in Iasi, Romania. Established in 1997 as a performance festival, Periferic transformed into an international artist-run contemporary art biennial defined as a platform for discussions on the historical, socio-political, and cultural contexts of the city. With a group of artists and philosophers from Iasi, Bejenaru founded the Vector Association in 2001, a contemporary art institution that supported the local emerging art scene to become locally and internationally visible. Together with a group of artists and professors he founded in 2015 the Center of Contemporary Photography in Iasi. 
Between 2011 and 2012  he was a visiting professor at Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada).  
In his recent artistic projects, he is researching the materiality of the photographic medium and politics of representation in documentaty format. Using the analogue technological platform, he is focussing on photographic process as a witness of the crisis of singularity and artistic commitment. 
He is teaching photography and video at “George Enescu” Arts University in Iasi.

SF(a) Society. Film. Architecture guest: Anca HORVATH

sf(a) Anca Horvath

Anca Horvath is an assistant professor with the Research Laboratory for Art and Technology at Aalborg University in Denmark. In her research, she investigates the relationships between emerging technologies, including computational design, digital fabrication, AI and bio-technologies, and creative practice, and their place in broader cultural contexts. She uses design-based research as a main methodology for inquiry and her projects have covered a broad range of scopes and scales – from jewelry to shoes, all the way to urban design. Prior to joining Aalborg University Anca has worked as an architect and computational designer in Romania and Denmark.

SF(a) Society. Film. Architecture guest: Emanuela ILIE

Emanuela Ilie is a literary critic and associate professor at the Faculty of Letters “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iași. She has published eight books and numerous studies, articles and literary chronicles in cultural and academic journals. We mention the volumes “Hieroglyphs of the poets” (2008– Debut Award of the magazine “Convorbiri Literare”), “The Critical Dictionary of Iași Contemporary Poetry” (2011– The Prize for Literary Criticism of USR Iași), “Fantastic and Otherness” (2013) and” Bodies, Exiles, Therapies” (2020– The Prize for Literary Criticism of USR Iași and Award for interdisciplinary critical studies of “Ateneu” magazine). She is a member of the Romanian Writers’ Union and A.L.G.C.R.

SF(a) Society. Film. Architecture guest: Viola RÜHSE 

sf(a) Viola RÜHSE

Viola RÜHSE works as the head of the Center for Image Science and course director at the University for Continuing Education Krems in Austria. She studied History of Art and German Language and Literature at the universities of Hamburg and Vienna. She received her PhD with a dissertation on Siegfried Kracauer’s film writings (Viola Rühse, Film und Kino als Spiegel. Siegfried Kracauers Filmschriften aus Deutschland und Frankreich, Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter 2022). Her current main themes of research in addition to film theory are photography, modern and contemporary art, and critical theory. She also works as an artist/photographer. One of her critical essays was granted the Bazon Brock Essay Award.

SF(a) Society. Film. Architecture guest: Vlad ENCULESCU

An experienced Designer and a member of UAP Romania (Union of Artists’ Associations) that graduated from George Enescu University of Arts in Iasi, specializing in Graphic Design. I have been recognized for my creativity and skills, receiving Special Mentions from the Allegorithmic/Adobe team for the Meet Mat contest in 2017 and winning the Modo Contest organized by in 2018. Some of my work has been showcased in solo exhibitions such as “3D 2D Unde?” and “vlad + A word in Design,” as well as in group exhibitions including “Oaia cu Tu peux!?” and “30 DESIGN UNAGE IAŞI”. With my diverse experience, membership in UAP Romania, and innovative design abilities, I bring valuable expertise to any project or team.