SF(a) Society. Film. Architecture guest: Vlad ENCULESCU

An experienced Designer and a member of UAP Romania (Union of Artists’ Associations) that graduated from George Enescu University of Arts in Iasi, specializing in Graphic Design. I have been recognized for my creativity and skills, receiving Special Mentions from the Allegorithmic/Adobe team for the Meet Mat contest in 2017 and winning the Modo Contest organized by Foundry.com in 2018. Some of my work has been showcased in solo exhibitions such as “3D 2D Unde?” and “vlad + A word in Design,” as well as in group exhibitions including “Oaia cu Tu peux!?” and “30 DESIGN UNAGE IAŞI”. With my diverse experience, membership in UAP Romania, and innovative design abilities, I bring valuable expertise to any project or team.