SF(a) Society. Film. Architecture guest: Federico BABINA

My name is Federico Babina.

I am an Italian ( since 1969) architect and graphic designer (since 1994) that live and work in Barcelona (since 2007), but mostly I’m a curious person (since ever). Every day I try to rediscover a way to observe the world as through the eyes of a child. Children are able to have a vision of things totally uninhibited and without the conditioning of the experience. The children’s drawings are always amazing and beautiful in their spontaneous simplicity and clarity. I like trying to explain the world I see through different techniques of expression. I like the richness of the language and the diversity of its forms. I do not want to confine me in a prison of a style or shape. Drawing and illustration are for me one of the ways to recount and photograph the thoughts, feelings and emotions. Every picture has a story and every picture is a witness of a story.

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ARCHETYPE. Federico BABINA at SF(a) Society. Film. Architecture 2023. season 2